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" Dr. Boswell said one of the problems with the treatment
at Parkland was that the doctors did not fully realize the
extent of the head wound
." Boswell, interview Andy Purdy , August 17, 1977

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Problems With The Dox Skull Drawing


David Mantik & The Harper Fragment

JFK X-Ray Densities

The Parkland Doctors ARRB Interview (Full Text)

Tentative Reconstruction Of A Right Rear 'Flap'

Parkland 'Versus' the Autopsy Pictures

Bethesda 'Versus' the Autopsy Pictures

The X-Rays And The 'Intact' Rear Skull

The Two Large Bone Fragments

Autopsy Photo F8

A Predominantly Futile Search For The Supposed EOP 'Entry'

The Character of the Supposed EOP 'Entry'

The HSCA FPP Headwound 'Exit'

The 'Rear Flap' & The 'Back of the Head' Debates I

The 'Rear Flap' & The 'Back of the Head' Debates II

John Lattimers' Skull X-Ray Diagram

When (Exactly) Was The Back Wound Found?

At Parkland.

On the 'cowlick' entry, and the location of T1 relative to the throat wound.

AP map,Lateral map, X ray notes.

The EOP entry versus the Z film, and an interpretation of the damage around the right eye.

Zapruder Film etc

The "Back of the Head" wound area: Boswell, Dox, and the BOH photo.

Locating The Rear (Head) Entry Wound: & Measuring The Autopsy Ruler

What Did Previous Radiological Experts Say About The X-Rays?

The 'Tragus' Laceration & the 'Occipital' Defect.

The Mystery of the Missing Autopsy Notes

Lincoln's Chair

Finck at the ARRB


Clark Panel

Finck's Letter to General Blumberg

The Parkland Witnesses to the Head Wound

Autopsy F8 ( Rough Notes)

Wilkins / Olmstead Newsgroup Discussion

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