At Parkland Hospital.

The 'fragmented' area on the xray.

The apparently 'missing' bone at the missing.

The apparently missing bone lower on the right side, between the ear and the right forehead, is present in at least SOME of the autopsy photos, whether or not it appears here. The only bone that NEVER appears in any of the autopsy photos or xrays is from the top/ top right of the head.

The animation above shows the 'large defect' descriptions of Messrs. Marion Jenkins, Carrico, Grossman,and Midgett, (all physicians who saw JFK's headwound at Parkland)

Note that they are all compatible with the wound 'fragmentation' described in the official examinations of the x rays.....extending back to the rear right parietal.

Clearly, either the wound was incredibly mobile...(!) or each observed the wound under slightly different conditions..and each saw a slightly different aspect of it.

Note that NONE of them have the wound extending forward of the ear. Exactly where I believe Jackie had replaced the very grotesque flap,(visible in z 313 et seq.). The wound actually extended roughly to the hairline at the front, as was to become clear at Bethesda.

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If what they saw was in fact bone somewhat sprung open, and not actually MISSING, then there is no contradiction between these reports and the xrays.

The 'Large Defect ' Area.

The appearance may have been something like this: (below)



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