Books On The JFK Assassination


High Treason
Harrison Livingstone and Robert Groden.

Harrison Livingstone and Robert Groden, High Treason (Conservatory Press, 1989; Berkley, 1990; Carroll and Graf, 1998).

Harrison Livingstone, High Treason 2 (Carroll & Graf, 1991).

Harrison Livingstone, Killing the Truth (Carroll & Graf, 1993).

David Lifton, Best Evidence (Macmillan, 1980; Carroll & Graf, 1988). (Out of Print)

James Fetzer, ed., Assassination Science (Catfeet Press, 1998).

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Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby
Garry Wills and Ovid Demaris.

Seth Kantor, The Ruby Cover-up (Zebra, 1992, originally published as Who Was Jack Ruby?)

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Deep Stuff...

Deep Politics and the Death of JFK
Peter Dale Scott.

JFK assassination book: 
Peter Dale Scott's Deep PoliticsClick here to purchase.


Assassination Chronicles
Edward Jay Epstein. Actually three books (1) Inquest, Epstein's early critique of the work of the Warren Commission (2) Legend, a biography of Lee Oswald, and (3) Counterplot, a fine account of the Garrison investigation.

Edward Jay Epstein, Inquest (Viking Press, 1966). The inner workings of the Warren Commission.

Edward Jay Epstein, Counterplot (Viking Press, 1969).

Edward Jay Epstein, Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald (Reader's Digest Press, 1978). Oswald biography.

JFK assassination book: 
The Assassination ChroniclesClick here to purchase


Not In Your Lifetime
Anthony Summers.


JFK assassination Anthony Summers' Not in Your LifetimeClick here to purchase


The Killing of a President
Robert Groden.

.Robert Groden, The Killing of a President (Viking, 1993). A collection of assassination-related photos.

Pictures of the Pain
Richard Trask.


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Case Closed
Gerald Posner. A comprehensive "lone assassin" synthesis.

JFK assassination book: Gerald Posner's Case ClosedClick here to purchase.


The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, Report, aka The Warren Report (1964).

The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, Hearings (1964). now available on CD-ROM.

The House Select Committee to Study the Assassination of President Kennedy, Final Report and Hearings (1979). available on CD-ROM.

 Jim Bishop, The Day Kennedy Was Shot (Funk & Wagnall, 1968; Bantam, 1969).

Walt Brown, The People V. Lee Harvey Oswald (Carroll & Graf, 1992). d.

Walt Brown, The Warren Omission (Delmar, 1996). See Walt Brown's JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly Website for ordering information.

Crossfire Jim Marrs.

Stewart Galanor.

Stewart Galanor, Cover-Up (Kestrel, 1998). Review posted at Tracy Parnell's Lee Harvey Oswald Research Site.

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Patricia Lambert, False Witness: The Real Story of the Jim Garrison Investigation and Oliver Stone's Film JFK (M. Evans and Company, 1999).

Click here for review of False Witness

Jim Garrison, On the Trail of the Assassins (Sheridan Square Press, 1988).

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Who ???...

Who's Who in the JFK Assassination
Michael Benson.


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No More Silence
Larry Sneed.

JFK assassination book: No More SilenceClick here to purchase.


With Malice
Dale Myers.

JFK assassination book: Dale Myer's With MaliceClick here to purchase.

Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation (Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993).
 Warren Hinckle and William Turner, Deadly Secrets (Thunder's Mouth Press, 1992). An expanded version of The Fish Is Red (1981).  James P. Hosty, Jr., with Thomas C. Hosty, Assignment: Oswald (Arcade Publications, 1996).
 James Kirkwood, American Grotesque (Simon & Schuster, 1970).  Ray and Mary La Fontaine, Oswald Talked (Pelican, 1996).
 Mark Lane, Rush to Judgment (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1966; Thunder's Mouth, 1992).

Mark Lane, Plausible Denial (Thunder's Mouth, 1991).
 Lincoln Lawrence and Kenn Thomas (editor), Mind Control, Oswald & JFK: Were We Controlled? (Steamshovel Press, 1997)

JFK/Lancer and The Last Hurrah Bookshop are recommended mail-order sources for harder-to-find titles.


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