The Back Of The Head.

The 'Large defect' according to the HSCA & Clark Panel radiology.

(Fragmented &/or missing right parietal marked).

See also here for an analysis of the entry wound location in this picture.

The 'Large Defect'

according to Boswell...

...and in pretty good agreement with the HSCA & Clark Panel radiology reports.

The Dox drawing it should have been drawn.

The bone fragment positions and sizes have been scaled from the lateral xray.

(Margin of 'large defect' in yellow. The area of bone that was actually missing at Parkland and until the 'late arriving' fragments of bone turned up at Bethesda, is more or less as shown, although Dox has included bone in an area at the crown of the head that Dr Angel the HSCA forensic anthropologist declared was the location of the Harper fragment )

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