Orienting The BOH Photos.

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The above is an attempt to show the angle from which the colour 'back of the head' autopsy picture was taken. The conclusion is forced by the relative sizes & spacings of the rear hairline, the ear, and the large flap. John Stringer was the photographer. "Stringer's line of sight" and the blue arrow (top of picture) refer to the direction along which the axis of the camera was pointing. Kennedy's body was of course lying on it's side when the photo was taken. Since this analysis only deals with relative positions, the conclusions are not changed by this fact.

The conclusion in respect of the apparent entry wound is that it is (at least on this photo) about at the level the HSCA put it, about 10cm above the EOP.

Above is another demonstration that the back of the head view is in fact nothing like 'square on' to the back of the head. If it were, the hairline (above right) would be level with the bottom of the ears in the same picture, as in the picture of JFK (left above). Plainly the head is rotated back quite markedly, bringing the hairline down and also the 'cowlick' wound down to just above the level of the tops of the ears. Looking at it another way, if in fact the autopsy picture (right, above) was taken remotely 'square on' to the back of the head, and thus the wound in the picture was at least somewhere near the eop, then JFK's rear hairline extended some 3 inches below the bottom of his ears on the day he was assassinated. This would put it about at the level of the lower edge of his jacket collar, in the profile (above left). This is plainly ridiculous. See the diagram at the top for an estimate of the angle at which the picture was taken.

The ruler in the autopsy photos can be used to perform measurements within the photos, once we know it's exact size......


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