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F8 & The EOP/Cowlick Entry Problem

( Note : This page, and those associated with it, are some rough notes & images related to a discussion with Joe Durnavich, John Canal & Larry Sturdivan about the interpretation of F8. I hope to be able to make them more comprehensible at some future date)

orientation of F8

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Larry's Version Of F8

1) The areas arrowed below are scalp, not dura. (By continuity from the area marked '1' , below, which is obviously scalp). The obvious interpretation of the apparent bone edges below this is that they are , in fact, bone edges.If so this is yet more evidence that, if this is indeed the eop 'entry', it was , as Boswell remembers & as Humes & Finck can't seem to recall, 'partial' & fragmentary.

2) Larry has stressed the characteristic nature of the 'blob' of what he calls 'raised dura' here. ( Characteristic of an entry wound..) However none of the previous experts who have examined the autopsy photos seem to have found that 'blob' to be particularly characteristic of anything.

2) The raised 'blob' at 5 and the (associated?) 'notch' in the bone beneath it may well be the autopsist's 'eop entry'.

3) Whatever it is, it's apparent location on the skull is low rather than high - ie 'eop' rather than 'cowlick'.

4) The FPP 's 'exit' (the rounded notch in the frontal bone, nearer the camera, out of focus) is in fact a couple of inches above the top of the right eye socket & not back in the coronal suture as the FPP inexplicably decided - against their own expert advice. ( The FPP exit is also right through the anterior end of the right front flap - clearly not the case.)

5) There is no confirmation whatever from the morgue of any entry wound whatever at the 'cowlick', & virtually none of any entry wound at the eop. What little confirmation there is of a wound in the rear scalp in the rear hairline. This puts whatever Finck was focussing on in the scalp about 2" below the eop. (Is it any wonder they were forced to suppose some kind of 'tunneling' to connect the wound they found in the skull near the eop with a scalp would some 2" lower?)

6) The 'cowlick' wound, pictured in the autopsy photos, is not known to have been penetrating.

7) It can be shown to be about 4" above the eop.

8) There is shrapnel present on the x-rays external to the skull at this exact location.

9) If there had been any clear & obvious bevelled entry to find at the eop, it is my belief that Humes & Co would indeed have photographed it, internal & external aspects, to demonstrate the size of the wound & the bevelling thereof. Given that no such pictures exist, we can believe either that such pictures did exist once & have been 'culled' from the collection or that there actually never were any such clear pictures. Given that there is independent reason to believe that there never was any clear entry wound found, we should not be altogether surprised that there are no clear pictures of it. Thus it seems safer to assume that such pictures never in fact existed - because no such clear & unambigous entry was ever found.

9) The fact that there are no clear & indisputable pictures of any entry wound to the skull whatever, added to the remarkable ignorance of the attendees at the autopsy of any such thing being found, leads me to believe that there was no indisputable entry wound at all, and that the autopsist's conviction that they had indeed found 'the' entry wound only came after the autopsy was over. This also explains why even the FBI - present & a mere few feet away during the whole autopsy - were not informed that any entry wound had been found.

10) Neither the eop nor the cowlick wounds line up with the obvious metallic trail that crosses the AP x-ray near the top of the skull. The graphic below shows the metal (white) and the blow out (top of skull) in a software generated model of the skull constructed from the x-rays. The lone dot at the bottom left corner is the 6.5mm fragment at the cowlick. Note that the metal cones outward from a point some inches above that fragment - a point which was absent from the skull (& by supposition from the scalp) during the autopsy.

orientation of F8

forehead proportions

Larry's Version Of F8