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The Parkland Witnesses

The animation below shows where the witnesses at Parkland Hospital placed the wound to the head that was visible to them.

Two 'back of the head' witnesses have been left out in view of their 'vagueness'. They merely say 'back of the head' which while informative is not specific enough for these purposes.

Geisecke's confusion between left & right has been reversed.

The drawing below shows the 'Baden/Dox' version of the headwound. Note that it does not include the rear right parietal or occipital.

This contradicts the Parkland witnesses (above), the HSCA radiologists (use your browsers' 'back' button to return here) and the Bethesda witnesses, including most peculiarly the

autopsists themselves : "There is a large irregular defect of the scalp and skull on the right

involving chiefly the parietal bone but extending somewhat into the

temporal and occipital regions". (read the autopsy report). (Use your browsers' 'back' button to return here).

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