The 'Superior Profile'

The legend in red reads:

" Edges of laceration held apart by bone fragment"

The autopsy report states:

"From the irregular margins of the ..scalp defect tears extend in stellate fashion into the the more or less intact scalp as follows:

a). From the right inferior tempero-parietal margin anterior to the right ear to a point slightly above the tragus.

b). From the anterior parietal margin anteriorly on the forehead to approx. 4 cm above the right orbital ridge............."

(Two other major 'tears are described. They are omitted here).

The tear described at a). is outlined in white in the diagram at the left. It is held open by the bone fragment 'wedged' within it. Behind the bone fragment, the opening in the 'wedged open' tear would presumably continue somedistance. This could be the 'occipital/ parietal' opening seen by many witnesses in Dallas and also noted at Bethesda.

The tear 'b' is shown in yellow & white along the forehead laceration. The flap at the front of the head visible on the Zapruder film appears to have been hinged about the line from the tip of the forehead laceration to the tip of the 'white' laceration, near the tragus. This of course explains the 'abnormal mobility' of the underlying right forehead bone, found at the autopsy. It could be 'hinged' away along the line described above, away from the head.


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