John Lattimer's X-ray Analysis...

These (above) are diagrams drawn by John Lattimer, a urologist who got to see the x-rays at the archives.

It's obvious from the diagram that Lattimer has the fractures at 'J' at the side of the head (in the lateral) and at the back (in the AP.)

Also check his point labelled 'K'. I have no idea how he came to the conclusion these K's were the same point.

Also, and this is the main point, clearly Lattimer doesn't go along with Joe Durnavich's notion (mine too by this time) that the obvious defect in the AP is mostly just missing brain. He clearly interprets it as missing bone.

Ok. Here's the


In both of his pictures he has cracks marked 'J' leading up to the edge of the large defect.

With a bit of work, you can match them up as I have done on the left.

  • There are three major cracks from the inferior margin of the large defect, they run almost parallel to each other. They are clear on both his pictures.
  • There are single major cracks, one from each of the other edges of the roughly triangular major defect. Which is which ? Good question.

    The point 'K' is clear on both. (Marked in red). Unfortunately it's from the 'three crack' edge on the top drawing and from a 'one crack' edge on the lower drawing. This is of course (topologically speaking ) impossible. Given that the lower picture is an accurate (topologically speaking!) diagram of the AP, we have to conclude that the top picture is .... not entirely accurate.

If Lattimer didn't intend the lower diagram to show where the missing bone was, how come such a nice correlation between the two?

Why did he label all these points with all these J's and Ks if he didn't intend anyone to think he meant them for the same points?


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