This animation (left) shows that the 'skull cap' (on/ in which the HSCA entry lies) is actually loose from the skull. The two images are a pre-mortem x ray of JFK & the autopsy lateral. The 'cowlick' entry is at the poterior border of the skullcap fragment of bone, and the bone is loose from the skull.

The HSCA exams had the entry above a 'depressed fracure'. Clearly, the fracture is not depressed relative to it's natural position. In fact, the skull cap is raised.

Where is T1?

Clearly, above the throat wound.

(This diagram - at right - does not use JFK's own xray. I don't know of one that shows the vertebrae. So this is a guide merely to where one might expect to find T1 'on average'.)

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...where it can be seen how well this lines up with the back wound location.

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