What Do The X-Rays Really Show?

It is often erroneously stated that the skull x-rays show the rear skull 'intact', and that those who dispute the accuracy of the Dox drawing (right) are contradicted by the x-rays. The Dox drawing show the back of the skull apparently solid (though fractured) from the HSCA 'inshoot' location back to the lamboid suture.

The experts hired by the Clark Panel & the HSCA, however, thought otherwise:

" With respect to the right frontoparietal region of the skull,
the traumatic damage is particularly severe with extensive
fragmentation of the bony structures from the midline of
the frontal bone anteriorly
to the vicinity of the posterior
margin of the parietal bone behind

(Clark Report)

" The findings and interpretation of the skull films are:
Nearly complete loss of right parietal bone..."

(G M McDonnel, Report for HSCA FPP)

The yellow area in the lateral skull x-ray (above) shows the actual extent of the fragmentation. The Dox drawing does not show it. ( It is demonstrably inaccurate in other respects also).

Thus the drawing cannot be regarded as anything more than a rough illustration of the actual situation.

It is also often claimed that the autopsy 'back' & back of the head' photos show the rear of the head 'intact'.

Again the Clark Panel disagreed:

" Photographs 7, 14, 42, and 43 show the back of the head, the contours of which have been grossly distorted by extensive fragmentation of the underlying calvarium. "(Clark Report)

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