The Skull X-Ray Densities

I have wondered for some time whether any more information might be extracted from the extant JFK skull x-rays. Having finally got together an inconcievably miniscule amount of don't-know-how, I decided to have a go myself. First I wanted to construct a 'density map' (in 3D) based on those 2 x-rays. The trouble with this is, that the equations are under-determined, and many solutions are possible. (There are infinitely many possible distributions of matter within the skull that could produce the x-rays we have.) Being naturally averse to hard work, I came up with a very simple algorithm that produced a result generally consistent with the x-rays. The results are far from perfect, for reasons too technical to go into here, but they are at least (imho) slightly interesting.

The animation (above) shows the metal in the skull. Where the location of any fragment is ambiguous, the algorithm I have used to 'find' it effectively 'smears' it over all possible locations. Hence some of the frags appear (ambiguously) as a group of 3,4 or 5 white blobs, running parallel to each other. The same principle applies to the main (skull) densities. Note the odd position of the 'cowlick' fragment(s), at the rear of the skull. apparently unrelated to the (apparent) bullet track across the very top of the skull.

The image below shows a screen capture with some notation added. We are looking slightly down upon the head, from the right side, from a little behind the right ear.

Another very small-download animation of a few more simplified frames is available here.

The image above shows the obvious major blow out on the top right of the skull (circled) & the metal fragment trail.

To download the full ~ 800Kb OpenGL software that allows you to view this 'virtual skull' from all angles click the link below. Full instructions are included in the zip file.

Download Skull Viewer zip File


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