Some features of the AP: (left)

d An obvious crack in the right orbital rim., p ,j h, Cracks supposedly radiating from the 'cowlick' entry. (Thought the crack at h in nowhere to be seen on the should be there, from A to D.(see below)..suggesting it is probably behind the right socket.) At f there is a curious oblong density, which on very close examination is found to have a suture running vertically down it's centre....which means it's loose bone, from elsewhere on the skull. c should represent the 'entry' at the top back...but since it's upper border is in fact the right orbital rim, the question is in doubt.

Some Features of the Lateral. (right)

The area G is the posterior half of the 3.5 by 1.75 inch anterior flap seen on the 'back of the head' pictures. The 'point' of the flap very probably lost it's inner 'table at Z313 ..(the skull is made of an outer table, a more hollow interior, and an inner table.) Consequently the anterior part is less radio-opaque, and harder to gets 'lost' amongst the metallic fragments to the right & below P. Someof this metal may on fact be on the flap itself. The 'void' at and above M is the subject of some controversy.

A to B is a bone fragment that is loose from the head and actually a little above the natural contour of the head, as can be seen by comparing it to a lateral taken while JFK was alive. Since this is also the bone which 'contains' the entry wound (as defined by the Clark Panel & the HSCA) , this leads to the interesting conclusion that if the entry is where it's supposed to be, it's removable from the head. Which may help explain how the pathologists at the autopsy came to lose it....

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