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Notes On Online Purchasing

The East Book is available for immediate download for $US 12

I can also provide it on CD for an additional $25. The CD contains the book in MSWord6 format in addition to the 'download' html version. The download (of a zip file containing the whole book in html format) would generally be the preferred option.

DigiBuy: Help

The picture below shows part of the DigiBuy screen, which you will see after clicking "Continue To Book Download", below.

If you wish to download for $12, be sure to select the 'DOWNLOAD' option at the Digibuy site, as follows :

Preview Of The Digibuy Screen

You can also email me for assistance

To continue, please click the link below, which will take you to the DigiBuy website. This window will remain open, so that you can refer to it as you examine the options presented there.

Continue To Book Download

Notes On Zip Files

Get WinZip!!!

A .zip file is simply a compressed version of the original set of files. (Compressing the files means you have to spend less time downloading them). Winzip is very simple to use, & an evaluation version can be downloaded for free.

get winzip now!!

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