The PreRaphaelites

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The purpose of these pages is to provide a guide to what is available on the web. I have personally checked all these sites & found them all worth visiting. A standard 'Search Engine' trawl will produce a large percentage of 'dud' links....links to sites with 2 images and a paragraph from 'Encarta' about the artist. Links to poster shops with 3 posters by the artist. etc etc. Out of the kindness of my heart, and in the hope that one or two of you will now & then buy a book from Amazon (see below...yes I make 5%), I have collected these very worthwhile links together. A hundred 'search engine' links will usually turn up about five valuable websites. Here's what I consider to be the best of the first two hundred.

Return to Artist Index  A set of PreRaph links in itself.  In German. Small, quality site.  VERY extensive set of pictures, also info about 'The Germ', the PRB Mag.  A large site. More romantic than academic. Lavish.  Extremely thorough. Devoted to all things Victorian. Very extensive site.....too much to list here. Very extensive Links off site. Wonderful.

Still Life Paintings

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