John Everett Millais

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The purpose of these pages is to provide a guide to what is available on the web. I have personally checked all these sites & found them all worth visiting. A standard 'Search Engine' trawl will produce a large percentage of 'dud' links....links to sites with 2 images and a paragraph from 'Encarta' about the artist. Links to poster shops with 3 posters by the artist. etc etc. Out of the kindness of my heart, and in the hope that one or two of you will now & then buy a book from Amazon (see below...yes I make 5%), I have collected these very worthwhile links together. A hundred 'search engine' links will usually turn up about five valuable websites. Here's what I consider to be the best of the first two hundred.

Return to Artist Index Basic bio + a dozen pictures.  'Orley Farm' Illustrations.  Millais:" Portraits" by Peter Funnell and Malcolm Warner. Princeton Press book blurb.  Artcyclopaedia list of Millais web links.  Basic info. Bio & a few pictures. Large site, very informative. Many pictures.  'Ophelia' from a Shakespearian perspective. 'Death of Romeo & Juliet' (1848) from from a Shakespearian perspective. Blurb for London National Portrait Gallery 'Millais Portraits' Exhibition. Huge collection of Millais' pictures. Tate Gallery London Official Site. Huge archive of Millais images. "The Pre-Raphaelite Walk - In the steps of Millais and Holman Hunt" From Epsom Web pages. (Where Ophelia etc were painted.) Very professional site. Images, info, links.

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