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Before submitting your URL to me, please ensure that you have added a link to me on your site.

To add a link to "Still Life Paintings" on your site please copy the following HTML code into your links page :

1) To create a text link, simply copy & paste the following into your html code :

<P><B><A HREF="http://www.paulseaton.com">Still Life Paintings </A><BR>Original Still Life Oil Paintings,19th Century Techniques Demonstrated. </B></P>

2) To create a link using my banner ( below) simply copy & paste the following into your html code :

<P><I><BR></I><A HREF="http://www.paulseaton.com"><IMG SRC="http://paulseaton.com/gifs/mybanner454_65.gif" WIDTH="454" HEIGHT="65" ALIGN="BOTTOM"

Now simply email me, giving the url ( address ) of the page on your site where you have the link to this site, and the details of how I should include a link to you, here.

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