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AnOn-Line Magazine,Devoted to Painting,Representational Painting,Representational Still Life Painting,and to some degree (it must be admitted..) my Representational Still Life Painting. As a professional painter for the last twelve years or so,I believe I have built up a solid body of knowledge about the painting of the representational still life. I hope you like the original artwork.

The newest addition is the 'Fantin Latour' collection, which (I hope) contains some little known still life paintings of his, in addition to some more well known examples.

Another intention (now in fact carried out) is to put in place a much more comprehensive demonstration (with stage by stage photographs ) of my particular working practices.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has given me 'feed back' on this still life paintings project, and also to ask you to keep the comments (good or otherwise) coming in.

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