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The following book list has been customised for uk readers and will be added to and elaborated on as I get the time . A selection of books available through (USA) is available here.

The Art of the Flower : The Floral Still Life from the 17th to the 20th Century
Hans-Michael Herzog (Editor), Norbert Schneider, Rolf Sachsse (Editor)

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The Materials of the Artist and Their Use in Painting With Notes on Their Techniques of the Old Masters
by Max Doerner

Max Doerner lectured art students with the most accurate information ever compiled up to 1932. About 1900 there was a big change in the manufacturing of color, Max was the artist's protector. "Art has abandoned the sound principles of craftsmanship and is therefore lacking in a dependable foundation". Max Doerner 1931


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 "Chardin" by Marianne Roland Michel

Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, the still-life artist of 18th-century France, was born in Paris in 1699. Having received no formal training, he rose to become one of the most highly-regarded painters of his lifetime, his work widely exhibited and sought by the rich and famous. His still-lifes, composed of simple elements, are exceptional in their depth of tone and striking in their directness. The genre scenes depict the domesticity of everyday bourgeois life, unsentimentalized and unidealized. This monograph reproduces a selection of 128 paintings, focusing on particular sections in enlarged detail to highlight texture and technique. A selection of prints and works by Chardin's contemporaries is also included. The book is divided into two sections, examining first the life of the artist and then the paintings themselves. Each area of Chardin's oevre is discussed in detail and he is placed in the context of the artistic life of the time

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Pierre Rosenberg, et al

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Fantin-Latour 1849-1904

Victoria Fantin-Latour

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 Henry Fantin-Latour

J.J. Leveque

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The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques

Ralph Mayer, Steven Sheehan (Editor)

First published in 1940, this is the fifth edition of Ralph Mayer's book. It is designed as a reference guide to the materials necessary for the modern artist. Techniques for watercolour, oil and acrylic painting are included.

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The Harper Collins Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques (Harpercollins Dictionaries) by Ralph Mayer

This reference work covers all forms of easel and mural painting, drawing, sculpture, the graphic arts, photography, ceramics and mosaics.

Art Terms and Techniques

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Elements of Drawing

John Ruskin

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The Elements of Drawing

John Ruskin

In this text Ruskin reduces the art of drawing to its simplest elements - the making of marks, the perception of shapes and silhouettes. His method emphasizes the importance of observation, over and above the production of pictures, and of graduated study. Bernard Dunstan has now written an introduction and a commentary on the text where its relevance today seems to need interpretation, and has added his own drawings and colour exercises to illustrate more fully Ruskins's method and instruction. Whenever Ruskin mentions other painters - Titian, Durer, Turner and so on - as examples, Dunstan reproduces the actual paintings he talks about, or a drawing after the painting. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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Oil Painting Techniques and Materials

Harold Speed

This book you shall refer to over and over again learning newer and newer concepts and ideals you would have thought you had already learned. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE SERIOUS AND TRUE STUDENT OF PAINTING


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